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Freedom Apk or app for android and iOS is one of the best tools to get free in app purchases in android and iOS devices. With freedom apk, You can get free in app purchases of offline games such as Temple run, candy crush saga, clash of clans etc.


You can directly Jump to:

Freedom App for Android

Freedom App for iOS [iphone/ipad]



Rooted Android 2.3+

NOTE: If your device is not rooted, please root it first with kingroot. We recommend kingroot because it doesn’t require PC to root and also kingroot support maximum number of devices.

[[FREEDOM APK NO ROOT: If you want to use freedom app in non rooted devices, then creehack is your perfect solution. Please click here to read about creehack apk]]

How To Use freedom Apk in Any part of world including USA and UK?

  1.  Download freedom from below links:-

    Click Here to download.

  2. Install It and open ONCE. If it says “freedom is not available in your country” then change your timezone to GMT+4:00 (Moscow) or GMT +5:45 (Kathmandu) from your device’s settings.
    If it doesn’t say anything, you don’t have to change timezone.
  3. Open freedom and wait for 2 minutes until it finishes displaying “please wait” message. Click on the game or the App you want to hack and wait until it finishes it’s work. At this time freedom shows “Reloading AK47” or any other message. It doesn’t mean anything. Just stay calm.
    freedom android
  4.  Now the game or the app opens itself and you are free to buy coins or any other items IF THAT APP OR GAME IS SUPPORTED.

During this process, Google’s billing window will appear as it used to do before hacking the app or game, but this time it doesn’t ask you to enter your credit or debit card details. Instead it shows “Freecard xxx-5074”. (For more details, please view screenshots below.)

After hacking in app purchases with freedom, or just only trying to hack, if you open Google play it may say “No internet connection” even if you have proper internet connection. It can be fixed easily. Click Here to read How to fix Google play no Internet Connection error.

NOTE:-Many games are not supported such as clash of clans, minecraft pocket edition, Clash of kings, subway surfers, criminal case, teenpatti, etc because in those app purchases are handled by server (Server sided). If you want to hack such games please consider using Xmodgames. Right Now xmodgames is only tool that lets you mod these games.




This is only applicable solution for iOS >=6. For iOS 5 or below please scroll down.


If you have Cydia – just add new repository with address and install package contained in it.

Starting from version 1.3 you have two ways to make in-app purchase with LocalIAPStore:

  • Standard receipt
  • Custom receipt

Standard receipt:

Step one:

Enable hack in your, disable custom receipts ( no need log out from your Apple ID).

Step two:

Open app in which you want to make in-app purchase. Try to buy something – popup will be displayed. Tap “Cancel” – you are done! Receive you in-app for free!

Custom receipt:

Step one:

Enable hack in your, enable custom receipts. Then you need log out from your Apple ID.

Step two:

Open app in which you want to make in-app purchase. Try to buy something – popup will be displayed. Tap “Buy”, then, on Apple ID popup, tap “Cancel” – you are done! Receive you in-app for free!

If one of the ways fails, try another, it may work;)

iOS 5 or below:

Getting started to receive your in-app for free on iOS < 5

This has been fixed by Apple in iOS 6, use above manual instead for iOS 6

If you have jailbroken device, simply add this repository: in Cydia and install package contained in it.

But, some of apps require connection to servers, so if your device did not jailbroken or you need to enable more apps you need to do the following:

Enabling in-appstore is simple. It takes only 3 steps:

  • Logging off your account
  • installation of CA and certificates
  • changing DNS record in wi-fi settings

Note, that in-appstore works only when you connected to Wi-Fi, not Cellular network.

Lets begin!


Sign off your appleID in Settings->Store->Tap on your appleid->Sign Off


Open this page into your iDevice. Install these certificates (just tap on links): First, Second. The order of installing is very important! Install first certificate first, second – second.


Open Wi-Fi settings on your iDevice and tap arrow on the right of your Wi-Fi network. Remove all data from DNS field and set it to this IP address: (more to come)

U’re done!

Go to your application and try to buy something! You will see dialog window asks you to Like, “LIKE” IT!When iDevice asks you to enter credentials, enter random credentials, not yours
It’s time for images:

If you see default app-store “Are you sure to purchase?” you ARE NOT CONNECTED TO IN-APPSTORE.COM. Please re-read instructions and try to setup service again.

Project is in beta stage. So there are restrictions:

You should use only when you want to get in-app purchase for free. After “purchasing” you must unset DNS. You can set it again without certificates installation to access in-appstore again.

You can not use AppStore application and every other sites/applications that require internet access while you are connected to Remember, in-appstore is only for purchasing in-apps for free. That’s all.


freedom apk freedom apk download freedom apk screenshot